Dark Tweed Typography 5 Panel with Stash Pocket

$ 49.99

The Tweed Typography line is the companion piece to the Canvas Typography line. Featuring 100% wool tweed imported from Italy. The crowning jewel of this https://ebac.mx/cursos-de-programacion-online hat is its signature “stash pocket” allowing you to stow away all your precious belongings. The stash pocket was tested by Andrew and his team on bike - stashing keys, credit cards and other useful carryalls. The signature Canvas hand construction and shorter 63mm brim make this hat best bet for you and yours.

- 100% Imported Italian Wool

- Stash pocket for valuables / paraphernalia

- 63mm shorter brim

- Leather Strap

- Each wool sample was hand picked by designer

- Design : Andrew Capener for Canvas

- Hand Constructed

For more / detailed photos view our 2015 lookbook.