The Story

Brands continue to create hats that fall below the standard of what people truly want. Canvas set out to create a new way of designing hats that people wanted. The problem with a traditional hat company, is they employ designers who more often than not, don't have the skills to produce high quality designs day in and day out. We knew there had to be a better way. We reached out to a few designers to see what they thought about creating 1 hat, 1 line, 1 time, and then never doing it again. The designers loved the idea, they put their heart and soul into their designs, holding back nothing. Canvas only collaborates with designers at the top of their game. Ensuring high quality headwear that is unique, original, and timeless. 



Canvas does not employ a single designer. Everything we do is based on collaborative partnerships. We work with some of the most talented designers in the world to bring their canvas to life. Their story's, their process, and their products can all be found here at


Like the Mona Lisa or a Rembrandt, each hat embodies the work of our artists. The pieces they create start with a blank canvas. From the thread on the inside of the hat to the brim to the enclosure on the back, each detail is accounted for and each hat is designed to be original.


Each hat is hand constructed after being designed by world class designers. Hats are limited, special edition pieces that will never be available for sale again. The hats are made with the quality to last a life time, and the look to accompany it. 


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Andrew Capener

Andrew Capener is an award winning designer who's work has been featured in nearly every major publication. He is best known for creating the Scrabble Typography Edition and also as cofounder of the popular lifestyle brand Everyman.

The Pressure

The Pressure is the studio of creative director, designer and illustrator Adam R. Garcia. After attending the Minneapolis College of Art & Design he worked in the record industry, at branding agencies, at Nike Sportswear designing footwear and most recently in Nike Global Brand Design. A native of Minneapolis, his work spans aesthetic in the fields of design, identities, direction, illustration, event coordination, gallery exhibits and packaging design. The studio's conceptual and process-driven approach creates solutions with a focus on collaboration, community and creative exploration. He is adjunct faculty at Portland State University where he teaches design.